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Railway workers will now get a smart card in place of facility pass

Railway workers will now get a smart card in place of facility pass

For the journey to the railway employees, the mill will now get a smart card instead of the beside paper facility! This smart card will have a chip like ATM card and it will have full data of railway employees!

Photographs of the railway staff and all the dependents of the smart card will also be installed on the smart card
So that there is no problem during the reservation and travel and its abuse can be stopped

The smart card will now be created on the basis of which the staff will have to give their dependent family information and Aadhaar card in the Ghoshan letter at the beginning of every January.

Pass and PTO accounts will be online!

Now the facility passes and PTO accounts are being done online!
As soon as making a reservation from the smart card, the facility will be debited from the account of the railway worker in that year from the chip connected to it.
This will eliminate the possibility of making reservations or traveling more than once on a facility pass! If the railway worker does not have to travel and he will cancel the reservation, then he will get a pass credit in his account again!
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