Railway employees will be able to meet the Parliament on 13 August

Railway employees will be able to meet the Parliament on March 13

Railway employees will be able to meet the Parliament on March 13
Railway employees will be able to meet the Parliament on March 13

The North Central Railway Men's Union has warned the people of the country not to eliminate the practice of privatization. The rally of the movement will be held from March 13 to the Parliament's performance. The strategy was discussed in the committee meeting at the City Club on GT Road, discussing the problems in the committee meeting on Saturday. On this occasion demanded to fill two and a half lakh railway posts urgently.

The Working Committee was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of the All India Railway Men's Federation Shiv Gopal Mishra, NCRMU's Chief Minister RD Yadav. Demanding the old pension scheme restoration by finishing the new pension scheme in the working committee. Several issues were discussed with the minimum wage of railway employees, including 18 thousand to 26 thousand rupees. Maha Ram RD Yadav said that the ban on the Lorges scheme has been lifted. Proper maintenance of railway quarters and railway colonies should be done. Said that the employee comes by the job but does not sleep in a shabby room. Running employees like Loco pilot should not be penalized in the spade case, because the loco pilot has difficulty running the train during the fog. Divisional Chairman Virendra Chaudhary said that if the problems of employees were not disposed of, then a big movement would be done. Mandal Minister Shambhu Lal said that the authorities have organized terror. Employees are not able to do their duty properly. Harassment of the employees is given by charging, removing them. On this occasion DK Maurya, RK Singh Baghel, Banwari Lal, Murari Lal Meena, RP Gupta, Vijay Shankar, Jnan Prakash, Sonu Thakur, Arsi, Sudhir Sonkar, Mohit Patel, Sudhir Sonkar, Ajay Sagar Yadav were present.

Contracting practices put the security of the railway in jeopardy

Shivgopal Mishra said that the practice of contract has put the security of the railway in jeopardy. The General Manager of Eastern Railway had admitted that crime like theft, duplication in trains has increased. It is a big challenge to have two and a half lakhs vacancies in the railways.

He said that in the vacant posts there are 72 thousand posts of trackman. The Ministry of Railways has said to fill 1.5 lakh posts but if the work does not start then the agitation will be done. With the increase of minimum wages, 32 lakh central employees will enclose the accommodation of the Minister of Defense with many problems. He said that contractor of the contract workers exploited. Even when their salary comes into the banks, the contractors keep their ATM with them.
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